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4th October 2017
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Blyth Merinos

Blyth Merinos is a fine wool Merino stud that is owned and operated by Ron and Cheryl Blyth.

The stud is located at “Bobacumbola”, a 7700 acre property of undulating to hilly country with creek flats of heavy red to granite soils, at Adelong, New South Wales.

The fine wool Merino flock consists of 1100 stud ewes and 3000 commercial ewes.

The property is subject to regular “subtropical” challenges of high rainfall (30” annually) with heavy summer storms. Despite this, the sheep have been bred to be high wool producers and plain-bodied with snow white wools and are able to resist wool yellowing, fleece rot and fly strike.

The Blyth Merino ewes produce, on average, 7 kilograms of 18.9 micron wool each year.

The ewes wean about 130 % of lambs each year. In 2012, there were 158% of lambs scanned in utero. Lamb survival is excellent.